Haring Kitchen

Overview of the kitchen with our custom glazed tiles.

This is one of our favorite residential projects. Ask was to develop glazes that would work well with the Rouge Belge (a marble that is a mix of soft pink and red) material that was already part of the the home. We decided to develop a ton sur ton design with oxidized glazes. Because of the subtle color differences, each angle is different making the kitchen a living and breathing space. From up front the tiles almost look deep blue but with the reflection of the sunlight they show beautiful green accents. The designer decided to cover the full surface with tiles and keeping the space fairly abstract which we feel makes for a great contrast.

Residential kitchen
Private residence
Antwerp (BE)
Custom blend
Custom blend
Residential project Antwerp — Frank Stabel

The team showed great attention to detail and kept pushing themselves to improve the glazes.

Detail where the depth of the glaze is clearly shown
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