COLLECTIBLE FAIR installation.

Together with Univers Uchronia and Material Bank we are delighted to showcase our installations at the COLLECTIBLE fair in Brussels. This fair for 21st century design matches our ambition to deliver a contemporary yet timeless product that transforms a space through the impact of color.

Uchronia, Palet and Material Bank

The genesis of this project was the desire to highlight technology, craftsmanship, and color. Meet our installations!

The Crazy Boy, in a cut-out form, echoes the world of Tetris and pixels. An almost animated form, ready to come to life and realized by the designs of Palet tiles, adding movement, liveliness, and color.

The second piece, Air flow in the wall, in a simpler but equally playful form, features an interactive game with the public. Visitors can play with the work to find the tile that will reveal their treasure. Two drawers are concealed, unlocked by simply pressing the right tile. What’s inside? A Material Bank box containing a set of our samples that visitors can take home with them.

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